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response time of 1-2 seconds

Thermopro TP03 vs TP18 The metal probe is without a doubt waterproof. It can’t hurt even KY Jelly. About 46.7% of the red plastic is waterproof at room temperature. Beyond that, I’m not sure. I wouldn’t boil it on HIGH in the microwave to check the%, though. We really care about what our customers say about our products, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have about them, our guarantees, or anything else. Please contact us at or 1-866-877-7949 if you have any questions or problems so we can help. I think the TP18 is a more high-end version than the TP03, and I really like how the TP18’s screen is bright red.

Yes, I’ve used this for oil and it worked well. In fact, I’ve deep-fried this gauge by accident at least three times, and each time, nothing bad happened. Quick and right: A 4 inches food-grade probe thermometer with modern thermocouple technology, a response time of 1-2 seconds, and a wide temperature range of 14°F to 572°F guarantees an exact temperature reading to 0.9°F. ThermoPro is a company that started in 2014 with the goal of making cheap, high-quality meat thermometers. Under the direction of a skilled research and development team, we work hard to make products that work well, which makes our customers happy in the end.

We take all customer feedback into account to improve our services and meet customer needs. Our main goal is for our products to help you cook in a reliable and trustworthy way. Don’t worry about turning off the food thermometer because it is designed to save battery life after 10 minutes of not being used. The backlit LCD display on the meat thermometer makes it easy to read temperatures in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, based on what you prefer. Stop overcooking or undercooking your meat, cook it like a pro, and get the right temperature every time you grill or cook.

LED backlighting: The LCD display on the grilling gauge is lit from behind, so you can see it clearly whether you’re cooking inside or outside at night. wise design The reading on a digital meat thermometer turns off by itself after 10 minutes; AAA batteries are needed. A cooking thermometer with a foldable probe that is easy to carry and store is simple to use. A magnetic back and hook make it easy to store.

ThermoPro TP18 is a fast, instant meat thermometer with a thermocouple sensor. To make sure you or your friends have a healthy, tasty lunch, you need to cook the food at the right temperature, whether you’re grilling some expensive meat or cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving. To do this, you need a thermometer that gives you results quickly.

Calibration: The calibration function on your instant read thermometer returns the accuracy of the probe sensor. This makes your instant thermometer last a lifetime. Lock Function: When the probe is taken from the food, the digital meat thermometer can lock the current temperature and keep the temperature shown. This way, you don’t have to risk your safety by peeking into the oven or grill. a big glowing screen A cooking gauge comes with batteries and has a setting that turns it off after 90 seconds to save power.

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